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6 Reasons to Eat Pineapple

6 Reasons to Eat Pineapple
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Pineapple is a great-tasting fruit, but there’s more to this sweet treat than its flavor. Eating pineapple also packs a powerful punch of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. With no fat and no cholesterol, it can be incorporated into a healthy diet. With all the benefits you can get from eating pineapple, you […]

Why Narcissists Cannot Learn From Their Mistakes

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Most of us learn when we’re kids about the importance of admitting our mistakes. As we grow, we also acquire the ability to look back on and learn from those errors. However, a new study has shown that narcissists feel so superior to other people that they do not own up to their […]

7 COVID Complications That May Be Long Term

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Most of us who contract COVID-19 will be asymptomatic or experience a mild form of the illness. But a small percentage of us will become very sick from the virus, increasing our risk of long-term health issues that may never truly resolve and alter our lives forever. Here are seven COVID complications you […]

Why You Need More Vitamin D

The Anti-Aging Power of Vitamin D
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Vitamin D can play an important role in keeping you youthful by boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and protecting against some forms of cancer. Vitamin D also helps keep bones healthy and assists in the absorption of calcium. Here we are in stormy winter weather. Are you getting enough Vitamin D? What […]

Say These 5 Things Instead of “Sorry”

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Many of us utter, “I’m sorry,” when someone bumps into us, then use the same phrase when we upset a loved one. While it’s important to express remorse when we hurt or harm someone, an apology isn’t always necessary — or effective. Consider these alternatives next time you’re tempted to say, “I’m sorry,” […]

The Dangers of Wearing a Bra (All Women Should Be Aware)

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Are you often uncomfortable in your bra? You’re not alone. Bras are notoriously uncomfortable. They often poke and squeeze when they should provide comfort and support, which is why most women breathe a sigh of relief when they finally get to extract themselves from the contraption after a long day. And that’s not […]

Do You Have Parasites? – How To Rid Them From Your Body

Which Foods Can Rid Parasites from Your Body?
(WellnessPursuits.com) Do you have Parasites? There are a number of ways to tell if your body has parasites. More often than not, if you have parasites, you’re going to experience numerous symptoms. Symptoms that you are hosting Parasites: Feeling of apathy, depression or constant fatigue Diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome Dry skin Unexplained weight gain […]

6 Signs You’re Being Mentally or Emotionally Abused

6 Signs You're Being Mentally or Emotionally Abused
(WellnessPursuits.com) – When most people think of abuse, they think of physical abuse. A person who slaps their spouse, for example, or someone who beats their children is a sign of abuse that’s easy to recognize. But a lot of abuse is mental and emotional, and it can be just as devastating as the physical. […]

Want a Happier Life? – 3 Things To Avoid

Want a Happy Life? Don't Do These 3 Things
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Wow. Sounds pretty negative. Actually this may be the most positive thing you read today. This may be just the thing you’ve been needing so you quit shooting yourself in the foot. Hey, nobody does everything wrong all the time. You’re probably pretty happy and successful in a lot of areas. If you’re […]

Why Grownups Should Eat Cheese

Why Grownups Eat Cheese
(WellnessPursuits.com) – There was a time when we were kids, that milk was a staple to most meals in our day. Here we are as adults and we simply don’t drink as much milk as we used to, and the real kicker is — evidence shows that we most likely shouldn’t. Research indicates that high […]

Lab Tests Everyone Over 40 Should Get

Lab Results Everyone Over 50 Should Have
(WellnessPursuits.com) – No matter what age we are, it’s so much easier to prevent health problems than to treat them once they begin. But as we reach 50 and beyond, there are certain lab tests it’s a good idea to undergo so that we can stay on top of our health issues and increase our […]

Can’t Sleep? – This Vitamin Could Be The Reason

Unexpected Key to Unlocking Insomnia
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Tossing, turning, pillow flipping and fluffing, blankets on, blankets off, staring at the clock — we’ve all done it. And as it turns out, it’s not so easy to get a good night’s sleep. About 68 percent of people say they have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Sure, there are lots […]

Clues Someone is Gaslighting You

Clues Someone is Gaslighting You
(WellnessPursuits.com) – The term “gaslighting” has been everywhere lately, but do you know what it means? Believe it or not, the word originated from the 1944 movie Gaslight. Spoiler alert: It’s about a husband who manipulates his wife into believing she is insane by making her doubt her own perceptions of reality. The real truth? […]

Why Drink Warm Lemon Water? — 12 Surprising Benefits

Why Drink Warm Lemon Water?---12 Surprising Benefits
(WellnessPursuits.com) – With Covid-19 continuing to spread, these are difficult times for our world. It’s pretty clear that it’s more and more important that we rely on ourselves to make good decisions about our health. Water is a pretty basic topic, but it’s essential for us to maintain good hydration while we’re trying to keep […]

7 Symptoms Of Inflammatory Disease

These 7 Symptoms Reveal You Have Chronic Disease
(WellnessPursuits.com) – We have heard over and over that we need to reduce internal inflammation to improve our immune system. What we may not realize is that unless we eliminate the cause(s), we will likely develop life threatening chronic diseases. Signs and Symptoms That You Have Inflammation: Chronic joint pain Repeated bouts of Allergies or […]

If You Have These Health Issues – Avoid These 7 Vegetables

These 7 Vegetables Are Harmful If You Have These Health Issues
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying vegetables are bad for you. They’re usually good, for most people. Unfortunately, being diagnosed with certain health conditions means avoiding some of our favorites. The following are seven veggies you need to be wary of. Each of the vegetables on this list are pretty popular. Here’s […]

8 Odd Reasons You Choose the Partner You Do

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Have you ever had a friend whose choice of partner was so out there that you could only shake your head and wonder, “What does she see in him?” Well, it turns out that there’s not one answer, but eight. Beauty definitely is in the eye of the beholder, and how we perceive […]

Cell Phone- Brain Tumor Connection

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Warnings about phone-related brain tumors were originally dismissed as conspiracy theories, but it turns out these claims aren’t entirely false. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services downplays some of the research indicating a connection between frequent cell phone use and brain tumors, but the American Cancer Society states that cell phone […]

The Wild Caught Salmon Rip-Off

The Wild Caught Salmon Rip-Off
(WellnessPursuits.com) – It turns out, about 40% of the salmon advertised as wild-caught is actually fraudulently labeled factory farm-raised fish. How can you tell the difference? Read on… Most of us are resigned to pay more for a better product. When we buy ‘organic’ we expect it to be organic. When we buy fish that […]

[BE AWARE] – 7 New Coronavirus Symptoms

Beware of These New Coronavirus Symptoms
(WellnessPursuits.com) – The “novel” coronavirus is no longer so novel. Now that we’ve had some time to see what this infection can really do, the world is starting to face a grim reality: This is one nasty virus. New symptoms appear to pop up in the news every week, and some of them are downright […]

The Unhealthy Fish We Love to Eat (Avoid It)

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Would you willingly stuff your tacos with pig poop or eat fried poultry feces? If your answer is a firm “no,” then you may be disgusted by the dietary habits of the 4th most popular fish consumed in America: tilapia. Farm-raised tilapia devour pretty much anything they find in their crowded waters, including […]

Earliest Warning Signs of Diabetes

Earliest Warning Signs of Diabetes
(WellnessPursuits.com) – There are 2 Types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 used to be known as Juvenile Diabetes and was diagnosed in childhood. Type 2 on the other hand used to occur in adults over 40. Apparently, the rules have changed. Type 2 is showing up in children as well, and […]

7 Great Quotes About Love

7 Great Quotes About Love
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Love is a powerful force. It drives both generosity and war; it’s able to bring out the very best and worst in people. Throughout history, great minds have sought to define and understand it. Check out these quotes from seven people who’ve gotten pretty close. 1. Love Can Be Transformative “I love you […]

COVID: This Old Technique Can Save Lives

COVID: Why An Old Technique Might Save Lives
(WellnessPursuits.com) – In the face of a novel coronavirus outbreak that became a pandemic, with no viable antiviral treatments available, doctors and scientists reached into the past in hopes that an old technique, convalescent plasma (CP), might help save lives. CP was used for over a century to cure and inoculate against diseases like diphtheria, […]

These 3 Shower Habits Cause Skin Breakouts

3 Shower Habits That Cause Adult Acne
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Gone are the days in which acne is a problem suffered only by teenagers. Adults everywhere are suffering from skin breakouts in unprecedented ways. Effecting a reported 40-50 Million Americans, acne is the most common skin disorder in the US. What if we told you that your day-to-day showering habits could be the […]

7 Surprising Benefits of Chocolate

7 Surprising Benefits of Chocolate
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Chocolate is one of the simple pleasures in life that just about everyone enjoys and the best news is that there are many healthful benefits to chocolate as well. Chocolate comes from cacao beans, and higher percentages of cacao make it more healthy, and more bitter tasting.  Dark chocolate actually has several health […]

Men Love It When Women Do These Things

(WellnessPursuits.com) – A lot of us think we have a decent idea of what the men in our lives want, but do we really? Men and women can be wired so differently, sometimes we might as well be speaking different languages. Need a little help deciphering the male mind? You’re not alone. Thank goodness we […]

Top 5 Threats to a Woman’s Health

Top 5 Threats to a Woman's Health
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Women are unique in many ways, including their health risks. All health risks are important, of course, but some can become life-threatening. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), women need to be most concerned about heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and chronic lower respiratory disease. A […]

Coronavirus Protection Alert: 4 Popular Foods That Can Tear Down Your Immune System

(WellnessPursuits.com) – “Healthy” is one of today’s biggest buzzwords. It’s healthy this and healthy that wherever we look, and nowhere is the word “healthy” used more often than when it comes to food. But does that really mean it’s good for you, or is it just an advertising gimmick? You might be surprised. Here are […]

The 5 Best States to Grow Old In

The 5 Best States to Grow Old In
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Looking for a change of pace? Considering one last move and want to choose the place you’ll grow old? We did a little digging and found which states were the best to grow old in. And The Winners Are… Based on information from 24/7 Wall St. and from US News, these are the […]

Black Pepper for First-Aid

Wellness Tip: Most kitchens have this popular seasoning that also harbors unique health qualities. The next time you get a paper cut or a knife...