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End Mood Swings With This Remarkable Plant

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Try as we might to avoid them, mood swings can put a damper on even the best of days. Life happens. Stress and lack of sleep can wear down our defenses, even resilient ones. This leads to irritability, anxiety and depression. We all need a little help from time to time. The good […]

Find a Flattering Swimsuit For This Summer

How To Choose a Flattering Swimsuit Style This Summer
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Summer is almost here, and for many of us, that means choosing from one of the many swimsuit styles on the market. From bikinis and monokinis to tankinis and one-pieces, it can be overwhelming to find the suit that’s right for you. Here are some tips on how to choose a flattering swimsuit […]

Hidden Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Medical science is showing more and more frequently that our bodies are begging for a break. With the constant influx of stressors in a society whose pace of everyday life buzzes so loud it’s practically audible, our bodies are working overtime to keep up. As stress levels continue to rise with the additional […]

Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side

Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Are you a back sleeper or stomach sleeper? If so, then it may be time to consider the switch to sleeping on your side — specifically, to your left side. In fact, there are a number of potential short-term and long-term health benefits you could enjoy simply by switching up your sleeping position! […]

9 Signs of an Emotional Affair

9 Signs of an Emotional Affair
How you can know: 1. Intimacy avoidance: When developing an emotional affair most will begin to forgo intimacy with their partner. This can include avoidance to conflict and a strong fear of closeness to your partner. This will cause a new desire for connection with another person whether it’s an acquaintance, or an already stable friend. […]

Popular Cookware Causes Thyroid Disorders

Popular Cookware Causes Thyroid Disorders
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Everyone has some type of cookware in their homes. Some of it can actually harm you. Yikes! I remember my Mom using her cast iron skillet that cooked absolutely everything that wasn’t baked in the oven. When I grew up and started my own home and stocked my kitchen, imagine my delight at […]

Are 8 Glasses of Water a Day Too Much?

Are 8 Glasses of Water a Day Too Much?
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Most of us have had it drilled into our heads so intensely that we’ve accepted it as the undisputed truth: You need to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to stay healthy. But how accurate is that figure, really? We’ve tracked down the actual numbers, and they might surprise you. How […]

5 Slimming Hairstyles (with Photos)

10 Slimming Hairstyles With Photos of Do’s and Don’ts
(WellnessPursuits.com) – We want to put our best foot forward and make a great first impression. Many of us pay attention to our weight, try to exercise, and choose the best self-care products possible. But what about our hairstyles? Are you, like so many others, wearing the same style you’ve been sporting for years? It […]

Will Your Partner Cheat? 5 Signs to Look For

Will Your Partner Cheat? 5 Signs to Look For
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Cheating is more common than you may think. About 20% of people admitted to having a physical affair in a survey, while 45% of men and 35% of women admitted to having an emotional affair, as reported by Business Insider. That’s a lot of infidelity! But how will you know if infidelity is […]

Warning: Ground Beef Alert

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Food poisoning is a very serious illness. While healthier adults usually get over it in a day or two, children, older adults and anyone with a compromised immune system can end up with life-threatening symptoms. Some cases of food poisoning are easier to trace back to their source than others, but one thing […]

Lower Breast Cancer Risk By Doing This…

Lower Breast Cancer Risk By Doing This...
(WellnessPursuits.com) – What if the foods you ate decades ago had an effect on your cancer risks today? What lifestyle changes would you make today if you learned they could affect your chances of developing breast cancer in the future? Believe it or not, the food choices you’ve made in the past — and the […]

Toxic People are Attracted to You for 7 Surprising Reasons

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Have you ever wondered why you seem to be a magnet for toxic people? If you’ve attracted more negative friends or significant others than you’ve bargained for, you may have even wondered if there’s something wrong with you. Don’t fret. Lifestyle experts say that attracting toxic people usually means you’re a good person […]

Why Narcissists Cannot Learn From Their Mistakes

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Most of us learn when we’re kids about the importance of admitting our mistakes. As we grow, we also acquire the ability to look back on and learn from those errors. However, a new study has shown that narcissists feel so superior to other people that they do not own up to their […]

5 Daily Habits That Are Messing Up Your Life

(WellnessPursuits.com) – I have a bad habit. You have a bad habit. We all have at least one. And while all the little things we do daily seem like they’re no big deal, they can really add up. Even worse? The tiny, miniscule things we do day in and day out – the most repetitive […]

Top 5 “Bad” Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

Top 5 "Bad" Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Fads and crazes come and go. You hear horror stories about different foods you shouldn’t eat. You’ve probably been on diets that tell you to avoid carbohydrates and your doctor has probably told you to lay off caffeine. The truth is that there are some foods that get a bad reputation but can […]

7 Great Tips for Hiding Gray Roots Between Touch-ups

7 Tips for Hiding Gray Roots Between Touch-ups
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Does it seem like your roots start showing a week after your hair appointment? You’re not imagining things! Hair grows about half-an-inch per month, which comes down to 1/8 inch every week. If your roots are mostly gray, it doesn’t take much growth for them to start showing. A week is plenty of […]

Early Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis

10 Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes joint pain, damage and swelling. It affects approximately 1.5 million people in the US. How do you know if you might be one of them? While many of the more recognizable symptoms of RA involve the joints, some of the other early indicators of […]

5 Benefits of More Plants in Your Home

5 Benefits of More Plants in Your Home
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Houseplants can instantly transform your home into a luxurious, lush retreat that you never want to leave. And, while you’re enjoying all the beauty, texture and color that indoor plants bring, they will be busy improving your health behind the scenes. Here are 5 benefits to having more plants in your home. 1. […]

5 Unusual Reasons You Can’t Sleep

(WellnessPursuits.com) – We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who occasionally have a hard time falling asleep at night. Tossing and turning, only to realize you only have a couple of hours left before you need to get up is frustrating. Falling asleep is a natural process, but disruptions can really impact our well-being. […]

Odd Things Women Do That Men Love

Odd Things Women Do That Men Love10 Reasons Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Messy hair, sweatpants, no makeup and sleepy eyes … Why is it that when you feel the least put together, that’s when your man tells you you’re adorable? The truth is, men love our quirks, our imperfections and the weird things we do when we think nobody’s watching. Take a look at these […]

Danger! 6 Foods You Must NEVER Reheat in a Microwave

(WellnessPursuits) – A microwave is a great kitchen tool to make food preparation and reheating easier. While the microwave is great for saving us time, there are some foods that should never be reheated in a microwave. In many situations, it simply removes all nutritional value, rendering your food useless in terms of vitamins and […]

What Makes Some People So Likeable?

What Makes Some People So Charming...
(WellnessPursuits.com) – We strive to continue to look and feel healthy as we get older… and perhaps this sounds strange, but hopefully we also become more conscious of the effect we have on others. Although humans are social beings by nature, we find ourselves spending most of our day in a more solitary world where the internet has […]

The Link Between Diet and Depression

The Link Between Diet and Depression
(WellnessPursuits.com) – When you find yourself feeling more depressed than usual, do you gravitate to binging on sugary, processed foods? These two things could be more connected than you think. Let’s take a closer look at the link between diet and depression. Stress Can Lead to Binge Eating Stress can cause cortisol levels to rise, […]

8 Odd Reasons You Choose the Partner You Do

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Have you ever had a friend whose choice of partner was so out there that you could only shake your head and wonder, “What does she see in him?” Well, it turns out that there’s not one answer, but eight. Beauty definitely is in the eye of the beholder, and how we perceive […]

37% of Americans Have This Dangerous Health Syndrome

37% of Americans Have This Dangerous Metabolic Syndrome
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Our bodies are amazing and adaptable creations of biology. Still, over 37% of all adult Americans are currently suffering from Metabolic Syndrome. What is it, what are the risk factors, and how can we mitigate our risks? What Is Metabolic Syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is defined by a group of five different health issues […]

5 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Fat (and How to Fix Them)

Your hairstyle can say a lot about you — and sometimes it can say some unflattering things. The wrong cut can accentuate the wrong areas in unintended ways, the shape of your hair being just as influential as the cut of your clothes. When it comes to choosing your hairdo, your facial shape and body […]

Why You Need More Vitamin D

The Anti-Aging Power of Vitamin D
(WellnessPursuits.com) – Vitamin D can play an important role in keeping you youthful by boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and protecting against some forms of cancer. Vitamin D also helps keep bones healthy and assists in the absorption of calcium. Here we are in stormy winter weather. Are you getting enough Vitamin D? What […]

Signs You’re Low in These 3 Vitamins

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Feeling a little off, achy or low in energy? It might be more than stress from worrying about the coronavirus. You could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency and not even know it. You may even be on the road toward one of numerous devastating, yet equally preventable, diseases. Check out the warning […]

4 Warning Signs When Choosing a Partner

4 Warning Signs When Choosing a Partner
Relationships are so complex because each of us brings our own brand of life experiences to them. We’ve all experienced challenges in life, and in doing so have made some internal decisions on how to behave. While life’s challenges have made many people stronger, some people have developed coping behaviors that are not healthy for […]

How Moods Affect The Way Your Brain Ages

Your Mood Affects The Way Your Brain Ages
(WellnessPursuits) – Can your mood determine how well your brain will age? It’s a scary prospect, but the effect of your mood may stretch even further than the emotional pain, physical discomfort and fatigue you most often associate with depression. Along with all that suffering, the brain may also be degrading, which could make someone […]

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