Suffering Sex Life? Try This…


Sex is a healthy part of life, yet a lot of people are too afraid or shy to ask for what they want. Rather than just go through the motions, you can actually help yourself have a better time in bed if you consider the following…

These 5 tips to improve your sex life can help you take control of your sexuality and enjoy it more:

Change Your Routine

If you tend to stick to the same things in bed, try changing it up. Changing your routine can make both you and your partner have a better time. Are you up for a little afternoon delight? You get to try new things and spice things up between the two of you. If you’re nervous about talking about the things you want to try, consider making a suggestion box where you and your partner can each add something new when the mood strikes you.

Turn Everyday Activities into Foreplay

You don’t have to keep sex in the bedroom. Turn everyday activities into foreplay so you can change things up and have some fun. You can even make it into a game, such as giving a kiss or a touch for every dish your significant other helps you wash. Just imagine how the simple act of sharing a cool dessert can turn into a hot moment.

Take Some Control

Are you waiting for your partner to start the spark? When you want to get it on, say something! It also gives a boost of confidence to your partner, who may enjoy the lack of pressure or potential rejection that comes from always being the one to make the first move.

Be Honest

Lying in bed may seem like it helps matters, as it helps your partner believe they are doing well. While it might make them think they’re a pro, lying is doing more harm than good. It stops you from getting what you really want, and doesn’t let your partner see how they can improve. Be honest — and kind — about your likes and dislikes in bed so you can both experience a good time.

Share Your Fantasies

Chances are, you’ve watched a scene in a movie or read a book and enjoyed the sex being portrayed. Write these fantasies down and share them with your partner. There might be a sexual activity the two of you can enjoy acting out together.

With a few tips to help you out, you can improve your sex life in no time. Change things up regularly and you can see how interesting and fun sex can be.

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