5 Benefits of Being Naked More Often

5 Benefits of Being Naked More Often

(HealthyResearch.com) – Some people enjoy spending time around the house in their birthday suits, while others prefer to remain clothed. Being naked can offer a truly liberating experience, and those who go “au naturel” have their reasons for doing it. But did you know that there are actual benefits to being naked? Here are some inspiring reasons to strip down.

1. It Can Aid in Weight Loss

One perk to hanging out without clothes is that you may burn fat and calories. The supply of brown adipose tissue (BAT) or good fat cells are located in your upper body near your neck and shoulder blades. When the body is exposed to cooler temps, BAT cells proliferate and destroy white adipose tissue (the bad fat).

BAT activation might help with weight loss, and research indicates it might also assist in managing Type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome. So walking around naked may have perks!

2. It May Boost Your Self-Esteem

Many people are self-conscious about their bodies. Whether it’s a scar or a plump tummy, walking around naked can be a scary thought. Facing fears and just doing it regularly might defuse anxiety and provide a good self-esteem boost!

If this is a new, scary concept, start slow. If we find and focus on body parts and silhouettes we like, it might make it easier to accept ourselves as whole beings. Finding gratitude for our health and physical capabilities might help us find love and acceptance for ourselves, inside and out.

Who knows? Soon, you may be able to walk out in front of your partner full-monty, exhibiting a confidence you’ve previously only dreamed about.

3. It Might Banish Wrinkles

Hanging out in the buff also might be beneficial to your skin. Wearing restrictive clothing may leave marks and indentations on the skin. Over time, this may lead to dryness and wrinkling in these areas. While it may not be permanent, it might still make skin appear drier and older.

4. It Can Help Fight Breakouts

Wearing warmer clothes, especially to bed, may boost body temps and generate excess sweat. The result might be clogged pores, sweat trapped on the skin and bacterial growth — all leading to pimples and acne. Going to bed naked and keeping the room temps cooler, in the mid-60s, may help keep breakouts at bay.

5. It Improves Immunity

If time outside in the sun is your bliss, being naked more often outside may boost your immune system. Sunlight helps the body absorb more vitamin D, directly boosting your immune system. The more natural vitamin D you get, the more easily you may fight off illnesses, including viruses and the common cold.

Remember to be careful about the time of day and how long your skin is exposed to sunlight. If you’ll be spending extended time outdoors while naked, remember to use sunscreen with an adequate sun protection factor (SPF) to avoid burns.

Whether it’s removing more clothes or going completely nude, there are several associated health benefits. It might be a leap of faith for some of us, but the potential physical and mental benefits of going naked might pay surprising dividends!

~Here’s to Your Health & Safety!

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